First Steps

Do you have installed the VirtueMart Main Module?

If not, do so now. Don't forget to publish it somehere on your site. This module is meant to display all categories and to control the component.


All following procedures mean that you use the horizontal Main Menu of the VirtueMart administration!


VirtueMart provides FULL ACCESS to its administration panel from the Frontend! That means that you don't have to login at the backend of your Mambo site to make all your changes, but just click on "Administration" in the phpShop Main Module. (requires admin or storeadmin permissions)

  1. Go to "Store" -> "Edit Store" and make all important settings that fit to your details. Don't forget to set currency, currency display style and your email address!

  2. Go to "Tax" -> "Add tax rate" and add a tax rate accoring to the local settings of your Shop (important for european shops!).

  3. Go to "Components" -> "VirtueMart" -> "Admin" -> Configuration and change all details to fit your needs.

  4. Go to "Components" -> "VirtueMart" -> "Products" -> "Categories" -> "Add category" and set up your categories and category structure. Be sure that all of them are published.

  5. Go to "Components" -> "VirtueMart" -> "Products" -> "Products" -> "Add Product" and add as many products as you need repeating this step.

Joomla / Mambo Configuration

[VirtueMart makes use of the global Configuration values which can be set in the Global Configuration for your Joomla/Mambo site.]

Allow User Registration


A user/customer must be registered to your site before being able to checkout. VirtueMart provides an enhanced Registration Form where customers can leave their account and shipping data. When register using this form, they are automatically added to the Mambo user list.

Use New Account Activation


So new customers have a streamlined checkout process and don't have to activate their new account and re-begin checkout!

Mail Configuration


VirtueMart sends Mail using Mambo's Mail configuration. So be sure to modify the values according to your server.


If you don't change your Store Information and the email-Address, VirtueMart sends Order Confirmation Mails to

Localization / Language

Whatever language you set in Mambo's Configuration: VirtueMart tries to pick it from its own language directory:


If the selected language isn't found (e.g. german_neutral or arabic....), the english language file is loaded by default

Search Engine Friendly URLs

Recommended: Off

VirtueMart is fully SEF compatible, but please note that some the SEF links for VirtueMart, which are generated by Mambo's SEF module or others, sometimes lead to "URL redirection limit exceeded..." errors.