Appendix B. Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents

B.1. Sources of Information
B.1.1. Q: Where's the FAQ?
B.1.2. Q: Are there mailing lists for GnuCash?
B.1.3. Q: Is there a searchable archive for the mailing lists?
B.1.4. Q: Are there other means of obtaining support for GnuCash?
B.2. General Information
B.2.1. Q: Can I run GnuCash on Windows?
B.2.2. Q: I heard it is too hard to compile GnuCash!
B.2.3. Q: Is there a batch mode (non-interactive) available for GnuCash, for building reports, etc?
B.2.4. Q: Can multiple people access the same datafile in GnuCash?
B.2.5. Q: Why is GnuCash written in C?
B.2.6. Q: Why don't you rewrite GnuCash in programming language xyz so that I can contribute easily?
B.2.7. Q: I really want feature XYZ but GnuCash doesn't have it. How do I get it added?
B.2.8. Q: Is there a web interface available for GnuCash?
B.2.9. Q: How can I provide security for GC data using CFS, etc.)
B.2.10. Q: How can I contribute to the GnuCash project?
B.2.11. Q: I think I found a bug. How do I report it?
B.3. Using GnuCash
B.3.1. Q: How can I move the transactions from account A into account B, thus combining them?
B.3.2. Q: Is it possible to merge two gnucash files?
B.3.3. Q: How can I save a template of my account structure?
B.3.4. Q: When I search for customers (or anything else for that matter), how can I return a list of everything?
B.3.5. Q: How can I record a transaction on different dates (actual date and bank date)?
B.4. Accounting
B.4.1. Q: How do I treat taxes? As an account payable or as an expense?

This is a list of questions asked on the mailing lists for which there really is no section in the documentation covering the subject.