Chapter 8. Investments

Table of Contents

8.1. Basic Concepts
8.1.1. Terminology
8.1.2. Types of Investments
8.2. Setting Up Accounts
8.2.1. Predefined Accounts
8.2.2. Custom Accounts Example
8.3. Interest Bearing Accounts
8.3.1. Account Setup
8.3.2. Example
8.4. Setup Stock Portfolio
8.4.1. Setup Preexisting Stocks
8.4.2. Example Stock Account
8.4.3. Buying New Investments
8.5. Setting Stock Price
8.5.1. Initial Price Editor Setup
8.5.2. Setting Stock Price Manually
8.5.3. Setting Stock Price Automatically
8.5.4. Displaying Stock Value
8.5.5. Making Stock Value Reports
8.6. Dividends
8.7. Selling Stocks
8.7.1. Example
8.8. To-do

This chapter explains how to manage your investments with GnuCash. Most people have an investment plan, whether its just putting money into a CD account, investing through a company sponsored plan at your workplace or buying and selling stocks and bonds through a brokerage. GnuCash gives you tools to help you manage these investments such as the Price Editor which allows you to record changes in the prices of stocks you own.