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We from Open-Of-Course bring you your education when you need it and how you need it. Free for you to use, edit and redistribute. On Open-Of-Course you find a selection of Multilingual and Free Online Courses and Tutorials The focus is on educational information where people can benefit of in daily life.

Open-Of-Course is also there for teachers and educators. We offer free Moodle hosting for people willing to share their knowlegde under an open content license. Mail us at

Most of our courses here at the moment are related to computers, internet and languages. In the future we hope to offer more content on things like getting a job, business, hobbies, earning or saving money, self improvement, etc. Our portal is free for everyone to use. It is financed by advertisements and donations.

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Open of Course Community

When you register at Open-Of-Course you become part of a self-supporting community. All our courses have fora, where people can communicate and help each other. So if you join us, we hope you will become an active community member. Everyone has knowledge and skills that can help others. If there is a subject where you have good knowledge off, we would like to invite you to volunteer on helping open-of-course grow:

We are looking especially for:

  • Language coordinators for all languages: your tasks will be finding open content educational material in the language of your choice and add it to our system and coaching translators for existing courses to other languages.
  • Translators who like to translate existing courses to other languages.
  • Course developers who want to share their knowlegde and add their own content to our portal.
  • Forum admins who want to admin one or more of our fora

If you are interested, you can contact us for more information at

Open Content

Human knowledge does only have value if it can be shared. That is why Open-Of-Course mainly publishes educational information that is published as open content. Open content makes it possible to share educational information, because the licenses explicitly allow that. Licenses you see here are mainly gpl and creative commons licenses. They give users the right to share our courses with others, print the material and spread it, etc.

If you would like to see your own course-materials published here, but for some reason can not share that under a free license, you can contact us. We sometimes make an exception if the content is valuable for our students.

More on open content licenses


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