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  • Kompozer (NVU) Userguide

    nvu course Kompozer (fork of NVU) is a complete free and open source Web Authoring System which integrates web page development and web file management.

    It provides a web page editor which has a simple graphical (wysiwyg - what you see is what you get) interface. With Kompozer, newcomers will quickly and easily be able to produce new web pages and existing pages may be easily updated

    Alternative editing 'views' of the pages are provided right down to detailed code level.

    The output code is compliant to a high extent with the latest issues of the appropriate web language specifications and pages may be checked for validity directly from Kompozer using the official W3C validator.

    Kompozer incorporates a Site Manager this gives rapid access to the files on both local machines and remote servers. It can cater for several sites and switch rapidly between them.

    From within Kompozer pages and associated files may be uploaded to a remote server.

    Kompozer supports the use of "Styles” through Cascading Style sheets (CSS) both embedded and external. It has an editor which generates CSS code conforming with CSS 2.1 specifications.

    Who is Kompozer for?

    Kompozer appears suitable for anyone wishing to have a modern, free of charge, program for developing small web sites and who would like to learn modern web design techniques such as the use of CSS.

    Scope of the guide

    The guide has been written from the point of view of the Windows Operating system so details may differ for other systems. It is intended as a reference document although in a few places it uses a tutorial approach.

    If Kompozer is not on your system yet, you can download it here.