STEP 1.3 ??

Lets take a closer look at your new words! You can print this practice writing sheet to help you remember the new words.

?? y?ngg?i
K?ndéj? KFC
?? dehuàif
for example
KFC in China

Assignment #2: Click on all of the new words characters. These links should take you to the MDBG dictionary. On this website you can see how to write the characters, listen to the pronunciation and see example sentences.

1. The characters for KFC and McDonald's are transliterations.

What to the individual characters mean? Do you think any of the characters could have anything to do with the actually company?

2. ? has two meanings. If you are going to learn a character you might as well learn all of the meanings! What is the other meaning?

3. Chinese is very organized. If ?? means outside and ?? means out? and (? means side) what could inside, back, and front be using this pattern?

Use MDBG dictionary and the hypertext in the questions to help you answer the questions!