STEP 2.3 ?? New Words

The new words in today's dialog all use characters you probably already know! So they should be easy to remember. Here is a practice sheet you can use to help remember the characters and write them correctly.

xi?o lóng b?o
* Xiao Long Bao (Little basket steamed dumplings/buns)
táng b?o
* Tang Bao ( soup dumpling)
basket, cage
* Because these words are the name of specific foods, the name usually stays the same in English. For example you could say, "I really like xiao long bao." One would not necessarily use the descriptive English words.

DID YOU KNOW? The first 1000 Chinese characters are used 89% of the time. They are just combined in different ways to make 2 and 3 syllable words. It is time to explore some more new ways to use characters you already know!

Assignment: Click on the hyperlinks of the new words.

A. Find out which each character means separately. List the individual meanings.

B. Then for each character of the new words (5 in total) find another word the character is in. Try to find a word that combines this character with other characters you know. List them in characters or pinyin and include the English meaning.