STEP 2.4 What is ????

Step 2: Read through the page to learn more about the vocabulary words. Then complete the practice writing and the assignment questions.

What is ???? actually means little cage bun ! (? small ? cage ? bun) But many people confuse the ? of cage and the ? of dragon. Can you tell the difference?
The ? has a ??? (bamboo radical) on the top. That makes sense! The baskets are made out of bamboo. If you already know the character for ?, remembering this character will be easy!

Maybe some of you have tried ??, ??? is very similar but the skin is thinner and the inside is juicer.

?? tángb?o ???? You should know these characters! ? means soup and ? means bun!

It is a soup bun. Look at the picture below. People even drink the soup out of straws!


These are simply the bamboo steamers. When ordering ???? ??? or ?? ?potstickers) the price is often based off ?? Like shown below.
Although not always, sometimes the steamers are very large and you couldn't possibly order a whole ??

??? ? Z?nme m?i? How do you buy it?

The answer will of course be the price but it is a good question to know.

Are you buying it per long? By the weight, by the bag ? How? This questions allows you to ask the WAY things are being sold.

???? ? adjective
z?nme zhème + adjective
How? + adjective

The reason I put these together is because it is a common saying, and people often confuse these words and characters

z?nme: how?

zhè: this

zhème: so!
In some cases this can mean how for example : HOW STUPID! zhèmme bèn! , but it is not and never is the question how)


???? ? z?nme zhème ? How could it be

?? ?????? pisa z?nme zhème h?o ? How can pizza be so good?!

??????? n? z?nme zhème bèn? How can you be so stupid!

Remember these adjectives? ?? ??????????????????? ????

Use five of them to make sentences following this pattern:

SUBJECT + ???? ? adjective !

Submit your answer and the read them to me!
You can submit a recording of yourself by using the computer. After your sentence click the record button. (The speaker) A recorder will pop up and you can make the recording!

ASSIGNMENT: Typed and spoken sentences using five of the above adjective using the sentence structure. You must submit a written and spoken version of all of your sentences.