STEP 3.4 Grammar Points


Wúsu?wèi It doesn’t matter, whatever, I don’t have an opinion
?? ?? ?? ??Yí shì, èr shì
Reason one , reason two

1. ???: Just remember this one, when every you don't care about some choices you have been given you can say it! Wúsu?wèi! Wúsu?wèi! Wúsu?wèi!

?????? What do you want to eat?

??????What do you want to watch?

2? ?? ??????????

This is just a list of reasons. Easy!

Why do you like summer?

??????? ??????? One, we don't have school two, the weather is good.

Why don't you like him?

?????? ?????? One, he isn't good looking two, he is stupid.

Assingment: Answer the questions below:

1. Write 2 questions that would elicit the answer ??? in pinyin or characters!

2. Write 2 reasons why you like movies using the new grammar structure.

3. Write 2 reasons why you like pizza using the new grammar structure.

4. Log into your NCIKU  account and type one sentence for ??? and the reasons for either 2 or 3 under the correct topics Called PIZZA and A MOVIE started by your instructor in you group. If see someone who already has the sentence you were planning to write, you better change your answer!