STEP 5.3 New Words

New Words

Practice writing sheet

??Y?uqùTo be interesting, to have interest in
ZuòM.W. for temples
?? Sìmiàotemple

** Remember what the negative of ? is? ?? So if you are not interested in something it is ???

???????? (I am not interested in sports.)

Assignment: Answer the questions in moodle and post the on NCIKU

1. What do the two characters in ?? mean? How can this help you remember the words?

2. How can the ? in ?? help you remember this word?

3. ? is the measure word for temples, but many different types of building have different measure words. Using MDBG dictionary look up 3 other types of building that have a measure word other than ??If you look up the word it will list the appropriate measure word. Log into NCIKU and post them to our building and measure word list.