Step 6.4 Grammar Points


1. ???? shénmeyàngde What kind of.....?

?? ? what

??? kind

????????? What kind of person do you like?

???????? What kind of dog is this?

???????? What kind of flower is this?

2. This is another review. How to say past tense. or HAVE DONE somethings.

?????? I have eaten apples.

?????. I have been to England.

If you haven't done something you must add a ?

???????I have not eaten apples.

???????? I have not been to Mexico.

Assignments: Log into your NCIKU account. Click on the ? forum.

  • You must write 3 things have eaten.
  • Three things you have not eaten.
  • Three places you have been.
  • Three places you have not been.

Read your classmates posts first! No doubles!
If the words is difficult or new you can include the English translation in order to help your classmates.