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This assignment is a little challenging. But reading a subway map is a very useful tool. Talking about maps and directions in a foreign language is also very important!

Your assignment will involve you explaining how to get from one subway stop to another. You will need to explain how many stops you must go, and when and where to change lines. Don't worry about saying the direction at this point. Right now just say the stops!

Your instructor will email you 3 sets of stops. You must explain each of the trips. You will also receive the name of one of your classmates. You will check this classmates direction onNCIKU. Correct them if you feel they made a mistake.


1. Post your directions on NCIKU under Shanghai Subway Directions

2. Check one of your classmates directions. Comment on their directions.

Shanghai subway map


  • The Subway lines have numbers and colors. You can use either method to name them.
  • When you switch lines you just say ??For example ??? Change to the read line.
  • You can use pinyin for the names and this assignment.