Step 9.4 Grammar Points


….??….s?le….to death. (very)
….????Debudeli?o…… to high degree of said adjective

?????? is a review. You have probably hear of this before. It goes after and negative adjective or state of being to say that is really bad!

????? I am bored to death.

???? I am thirsty to death.

????? I hate it to death.


is another expression of extrememly that goes after . It just makes the adjective be more extreme. This seems long and hard to say. Pay attention to the characters in this phrase. They often have different pronounciations than they do here. Say it ten times in a row: dé bùdé li?o, dé bùdé li?o, dé bùdé li?o

????? incredibly good

?????? incredibly smart


A. Think of three other negative phrases that you could use with ...???

B. Write three positive or negative phrases using ?????