Themed Photo Shoot - Street Photography

CC License: Simon C.
This week I'm asking you to take some photographs related to a theme. Later, you'll have several chances to pick your own theme. For this assignment you will upload 6 photographs to your photo hosting service and post the URL's here.

Scoring Rubric

Theme: City - Street photography is very popular. Usually shot in B&W, your subjects are the people of the city. Much of your work will be candid photography of people but you may also see interesting people you'll want to use as subjects for a street portrait. Don't forget to ask permission if the shot is primarily of one person. You might want to see Stranger-a-Day for some ideas.

Usually street photography focuses on people. The important thing is to catch people in their surroundings. Think people in the city and you'll find your shots. City photography has a different emphasis with more of a focus on buildings and architecture AND people. Simon captured some interesting photographs while riding around the city on a Tri-Met bus.

If you can, stalk out a walk-by location and see what/who you can capture.