Themed Photo Shoot - Age

What is age?

Can you capture it in a photograph?
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This week's themed shoot topic is age. Old, young, middle, you get to think about that and try to capture an idea in a photograph. Don't limit yourself to just portraits but you should include some in the photos you turn in. Please upload six photographs and write a reflection on your work for this lesson.

Please use what you know about lighting, composition (get up close, balance...) and framing to create your very best photographs. Blurry is out. Sharp is in.

I expect that you will do the work for this assignment off campus and edit your photos in the lab. Think of who you know. Think of WHERE you know. Just walking through an older part of town would give you good opportunities to shoot old buildings. I bet you could find some good photos for this theme at a local playground or even in a shopping mall. Take a friend with you and have some fun!

Scoring Rubric

To collect some ideas on this topic, here are some tag clusters on to look at: old, young, child. I bet you can think of some more.

Reading Assignment: Kodak has a good selection of mini-lessons. I want you to visit the site and read any that are of interest to you.