??? Chinese Gardens

Chinese Garden if famous all over the world. There are many famous Chinese gardens in China and all over the world. They are very popular because of the Chinese style, architecture and blending of the natural world with peace and beautiful spots for people to stop and enjoy the scenery. First watch this video on Yu Yuan Garden in Shanghai.


2. Now we can learn about Chinese gardens in general . . .


Find some information on a popular Chinese garden in China or outside of China. You can easily start your search by googling Chinese Gardens.

1. First put the link to the garden you chose.

2. Introduce the garden, name, location, when it was built, what makes it unique.

3. Look at your classmates gardens and links. Respond to 2 students links. Write 3-4 sentences in CHINESE in each response.

4. Post your link in shared resources in NCIKU!

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