A Day in Shanghai

A Day in Shanghai!

Assignment: Now it is your turn to plan a day in Shanghai. Follow the directions step by step to make your own google docs web page about your day in Shanghai!

1. Chose and MAKE YOUR OWN voki!

Then later you can make two more voki that read what you say about your day in Shanghai!

2. Chose 2 Places you would like to go.

You do not have to chose from the places listed here. This list is just to help you get started.

Pearl Tower

Jade Buddha Temple

Jing' An Temple

The Bund Tourist Tunnel

People's Square

Raffle's City

Xin Tian Di

Shanghai Railway Museum

35 Shanghai tourist attractions!

3. Research the places you will go in Shanghai.

Write two 5-10 sentences in Chinese to introduce these places to your classmates and the world. Submit what you have written to your instructor before you move forward with you assignment and publish your journal.

In your writing you must use 5 of the new words from the Shanghai unit and 5 of the grammar points!
They must be underlined in your text!

4. Insert you introduction voki + vokis for introducing the two places in Shanghai.

  • The voki's must use your voice!
  • They do not all need to be the same!


You will know you are finished when you have a:

One introduction voki and paragraph

Two Shanghai tourist places introductions with 2 Vokis.

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