You are at a hotel in Shanghai. Most Shanghai hotels will offer some type or western breakfast. Are you feeling a little more adventurous? Are you willing to try some Chinese breakfast?

Follow the directions to study the first breakfast dialog. After you try to undertand Meili and Zhangmo on your own you can click the link for the transcript. Remember they are not just talking to themselves they are also addressing you! Think about how you would respond to them if they asked you questions about your opinion on the situations.

1. Meili just wants to know the breakfast situation.

2. Now listen to Zhangmo. He is a little indecisive, but names a couple of specific places.

3. Now open the link to the dialog transcript in pinyin and characters. The new words are highlighted in green and the new phrases are highlighted in orange. It might be very valuable to print these sheets to keep and study for your records and when you are not at a computer!


4. Are some of the words unfamiliar? Some new grammar points? Here are explanations and pointers for this dialog.

Grammar Points

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