In the morning it China most cities are full of hungry people on the way to work. Luckily there is an amazing variety of small shops and street vendors to feed these busy people. Sometimes it is difficult to decide what to eat!
???? Pickled Vegetable Baozi
Don't worry there are plenty of other choices!

Mei Li and Zhang Mo are on their way from the hotel to KFC, but then Mei Li spots something she would rather eat. This reminds her of some other great specialty food they have in Shanghai.

The worker explains how to buy the xiaolongbao . . .

Zhang Mo thinks Mei Li's food choice is great but doesn't quite change his
mind. He still want to got to KFC. . .

After you have listened to the dialog a few times you can read the dialog here. There is the characters, pinyin and English translation.

Breakfast 2 Dialog

Breakfast 2 New words and grammar points

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