Earning online: introduction and possibilities:

Who and what?

This course is started by Catharina Bethlehem, also one of the two founders of Open-Of-Course. It covers a basic introduction to earning money online. The introduction is basic, because I don't consider myself as an expert yet, let alone a guru..

But with the so called guru's that I've seen so far - and that are a lot - I'm not to impressed also. Most of them just try to make as much money as they can for themselves and letting you pay for it or work for them. The guru's also often offer free courses but you have to register for them and then you get so many e-mails of the guru's and all the guru's friends that your mailbox gets overloaded. Most guru's also claim to have secrets and they want you to buy their secrets from them. Also these Guru courses need so many words to explain just a simple thing, that you just get tired by reading them.. At least I do. Because it is difficult to find a simple basic course that everyone can understand I decided to give it a go and try to make one myself.

The intention of this course is to provide you with open and honest information about earning online. I can not make you a millionaire or guarantee you an income. What I can do is show you possibilities to earn money over the Internet and ways to do that. I will also show you that it is possible to start with no costs. Most things that are pointed out in this course are free to join. Some are not, but then I will tell you what it costs and there will always be free alternatives.

Why is this course for free and published as open content?

This course is for free because I believe that knowledge and information should be available to everyone and has to be shared as much as possible . That is also the main reason for us to start Open-Of-Course. The open content license that I attached to this course gives people the opportunity to use it for their own benefits and to change and improve it as long as they don't change the license and recall the original location. Through that I hope and expect that this will once be the best course on earning online, available.

How do I make money then..

I make money by making use of the possibilities the internet offers and that are covered in this course. Mainly through affiliate marketing and Google Adsense. These items are explained later in this course.

How to do this course

You can do this course in your own time and order. This will also depend on the knowledge and experience you already have. You don't need to do all chapters but choose the ones that are of interest to you en come back for another visit. This course is under constant development because every day new possibilities come forward and we try to keep up with that. But anyway, lets just start now.

How to earn money online?

There are lots of ways to earn money online,
but it is not as easy as websites will let you to believe. Even worse, you have to pay good attention not stepping into a scam, since there are many unreliable businesses at this market that will rather let you loose your money then gain some.

If you want to make serious business out of this you have to take it seriously. This costs time and effort. It did cost me some years just to explore the possibilities and find out how it all works. It took me that long because most information on the Internet about this subject is complete useless and a waist of time.

Lots of websites tell you that it is possible to earn money with no or little effort. Well, forget about it.. When you see something like that, just leave and never come back.

Still I am convinced that the Internet offers a lot of opportunities. When I came online in 1996 I knew immediately that it had a lot of potential. Such a load of information that was suddenly accessible from my own living room. The problem appeared to be the amount of information and to find out what was real and useful and what not. What I've learned trough time I've tried to lay-out in this course. I hope that at least that it will safe others some of the time that it cost me.

An overview of the possibilities:

Money through e-mail
I've tried this for about a year, but I think it is mainly a waist of time. I've only used the dutch programs so far and at least, they are.. So I will not pay attention to this subject for the moment until someone can convince me..

Money with affiliate programs
Affiliate programs are worth to look into, but it is not easy. We will although explain here how it works and how you can handle it.

If you've heard about affiliate marketing but didn't like what you've heard, read this first.

Money with Google
So far the easiest way I have found is Google adsense. This subject will be covered in one of the chapters. Google also has some other ways to make money.

Money with MLM (multi-level-marketing)
I have not tried this myself yet and I don't know if I will because I still have doubts about it and there are also a lot of scams there. Maybe there are some good programs but as said, I have not discovered them yet.

Selling products through a webshop
This will be covered here later.

Selling through E-bay or other market places
This might be covered later

Reseller marketing
I guess there are good opportunities with this but it is also difficult to find a good program.

People that have good knowledge on one or more of this subjects are welcome to help develop this course.

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