Making money with Google

With the well-known search engine Google money can be earned and the good news is that you don't even need a website.We look first at this possibility from the point where you do have an internet site and then for when you don't.Google Adsense offers a number of possibilities:

Google Adsense for contents You can allow Google to show ads on your website.Lots of businesses advertise trough Google's network. Google tries to show ads which are appropriate to the contents of your site. You earn money through clicks and or leads that are made by the visitors of your site.To get this working you must process the script of Google Adsense onto your site. On the site of Google it is well explained how this works. You can adjust the colors and adapt lay-out to fit well into your site. Google then takes care of showing the advertisements. An example of it you can see at the frontpage of Open-Of-Course.

The amount of money you can earn, strongly varies. This depends on what the advertiser wants to pay for a click or lead and of course on the amount of visitors of your site that generate clicks or leads.

Google Adsense for searching

You can integrate the Google search bar on your website. When visitors start to search through this search bar and click on ads that are shown next or above the search results, you will earn money.

Become an Affiliate of Adsense

You can promote the Adsense program by becoming an affilate.You can do that by putting a banner or a text link with your story on your website. If the affiliate that joined through your promotional link or banner earns his first $ 100,-- you will earn a $ 100,-- too. So far that happend to me only once, but it was nice..Here you can join the adsense program:

Earning money with Google without an internet site

If you don't have your own Internet site yet and no knowledge or time to built one, look here for the next possibility. That is possible the counterpart of Adsense, named Google AdWords. You can create a free Google Adwords account and then you can start advertising your products or products you want to promote through an affiliate program.These ads are then shown at the search results that people perform on Google and on Internet sites of others. If people buy through your ads, you earn money of course. Advertising with AdWords however, also costs you, but you can exactly stipulate how much per day you want spend on this and there is no minimum for that. Click here to join Adwords:

My own experiences:

Since about a year now I have used Google AdSense. My experiences are quite good. I use adsense on three of my websites and I earn about between $ 200,-- and $ 300,-- a month with it.

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