Earning money through Travel Affiliate Progams

In the travel industry affiliate marketing is very popular so their are lots of programs to join. I will cover some examples here but you can also go to find the right program for you by doing research of course.

Safari Now

Safari now offers an affiliate program for African accommodation. You earn 25% of Nett Revenue per booking ยป Theyu define nett revenue per booking as their commission (normally 15% of the booking value) less their credit card costs for processing the booking payment. Referred customers are yours for life! (You earn commission on any bookings they make in the future, even if they return directly to SafariNow.com.

A plus of Safari Now is that they have a very advanced affiliate program that lets you integrate their shop into your website. If you don't want this they offer also a lot of other promotional material of course, like banners and text links.

An example of this you can see here:

Azania.info is an experiment of me with affiliate marketing but I actually never had the time to promote or improve the website and so it did hardly make me any money.

Click here for more information on joining Safari Now as an affiliate.

Another example for Africa is The Africa Guide. They offer safari's and other tours to Africa. Here you earn 50% of their commission. It is not clear however how much that would be.. Visitors returning up to 90 days after clicking through your affiliate links are still credited to you.

The Africa Guide

The Africa Guide also offers integration into your website. Look here for an example.

Click here if you want to know more or join them.

So if they match your interest. I think both programs are worth to look into. They are only first tier, so you can't earn by referring other affiliates to them, only through direct sales.

Last modified: Thursday, 24 July 2014, 2:54 PM